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23 Years of Dedicated Professional Medical Service. For full recovery from sex problems apart from counselling sex therapy is also done .Several cases of unconsummated (no intercourse between the wife and husband ) marriages are also coming to the doctors this days. One important reason for this problem is that woman having vaginismus .This could be treated with vaginal dilator. Sound proof counselling chamber is available at Dr, Kausar's clinic.Here the talk between pateint and the doctor cannot be hear by any one else. In this fully air conditioned clinic patent medicines are also available there is facility to give blood sample for the relevant investigations also. He is the only MBBS doctor in this field in the city and award by the private and govt. organisations. He has been treating the sex problems of male and female successfully for last 23 Years .He has been given the National Health Award for his outstanding service in the field of Human Sexuality.By union council of ministers in New Delhi in the year 2001
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 What's New

Fully Sound Proof Counselling Chamber.

 Fully A.C Clinic.
 Hi-Tech Breast Developer Machine is also available at clinic for Breast Enhancement,Breast Firming,Inverted Nipple etc..
 Patent Medicines are avialble at Clinic.
 Blood Sample Facility for investigation avaliable at Clinic.
 Including E.P.G (Electro Penile Graph) is also available at Clinic.
 Vaginal Dilator are also available to cure Vaginisms ( in case of  Unconsummated Marriage ).
  TIMINGS 12.30 pm to 2 noon & 7.30 pm to 8.30pm
(Sunday: Evening Closed)
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